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STRIP Technique

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More info on the Strip Technique

The hair transplant technique is more commonly known as the STRIP technique and is a quite traditional method used during the past decades until the FUE Technique started to be used. The STRIP is a good treatment option because the hair bearing strip is sectioned under the microscope into Follicular Units. It provides perfect results for men suffering from advanced alopecia or looking for maximum hair coverage.

More info on the STRIP Technique

The strip technique involves the removal of a hair-bearing strip from the back and side of the head. The donor area is then sutured leaving a thin, almost invisible line surrounded by hair that will soon cover it all up.

Thanks to the Tricophytic Closure performed by Dr. Meyer and Dr. Alcaide the scar remains almost invisible.

The tricophytic Closure allows for hair growth around the scar, making it unnoticeable. A fine scar line is hidden within the existing hair patterns after the surgery. After a strip technique implant has been performed, healing will also depend on patient’s individual characteristics.

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Procedure · the STRIP Technique

The main hair strip is separated carefully and efficiently under an optic microscope by specialists trained in the technique..

“No need to shave the whole skull”

Hair technicians divide all FU and classify them into 1 to 4 hair unit groups. While technicians prepare the FU, the surgeon is already preparing the incisions on the receiving area of the skull.

These cuts are not performed randomly and they respect the natural and individual design of patients’ hair pattern. A line is very precisely drawn on the fontal part of the skull to provide completely natural looks.

Results · The STRIP Technique

The STRIP technique is a proven and successful method allowing for the extraction of the major number of follicles of all techniques. It is usually performed on men with severe alopecia and women because there is no need to shave the whole skull.

‘Final results are excellent and the hair pattern looks completely natural after the treatment’.

This treatment is secure though patients also need to care for their hair during post-op and recovery. Skin healing is rapid, and the scar is soon covered by newborn hair. Stitches are removed after 10 days by medical staff at the consultation.

Patients can wear very short haircuts after the STRIP treatment.
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