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Scalp Scars Repair

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Scalp Scar Repair Cyst extraction

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You really need to come and see that! Scalp scars can be covered up at our BHR Clinic Spain center. We have made scalp scar repair a reality in our clinic.

Can a scar be covered up with hair?


The causes of scalp scars are many. Some are due to car accidents, to burns, infections and sometimes even to surgeries.

When referring to scars due to surgeries we actually mean those that were caused by unsuccessful previous hair transplants… these visible scalp scars sometimes result very embarrassing for patients.

At our hair transplant clinic, we attend many patients needing to have these scalp scars treated.

Scalp scars are formed when a lesion damages the hair follicles in a particular area where the hair cannot grow normally anymore.

Dr. Meyer and Dr. Alcaide transplant new hair and cover up the scalp scars. They use hair micro-grafts around the scar.

Results are excellent and patients feel very happy about their new looks.

Technical indications· Scalp Scar Repair

Before having a hair transplant technique performed to correct their scalp scars or defects, patients are attended by the specialists at the consultation to have a complete hair check.

Hair transplant performed in scalp scars is more complex than in normal skin because the cicatricial tissues are less irrigated and are stiffer. Other factors and technical indications like the following also need to be taken into consideration before the treatment is performed:

  • Scar width and amplitude.
  • Scar localization versus the donor area.
  • Patient’s scalp elasticity.
  • The density of FU (follicular units) in the area surrounding the scar.