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Scalp micropigmentation

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Micro pigmentation performed on the scalp introduces tiny amounts of pigments within the dermal layers of the epidermis to correct and improve the aesthetics of bald scalps.

The realistic appearance of normal shaven hair is obtained with the deposit of pigments under the skin. This non-invasive and non-surgical technique was first developed as an aesthetic medical therapy performed to conceal existing scars, burns or birthmarks.

This is one of the most popular treatments for patients with baldness and alopecia because it provides a good alternative to oral hair loss treatments, wigs, traditional hair transplant surgeries, hair prostheses, etc…

Most patients link the treatment to normal tattooing though there are some differences: tools and pigments used are more specific and because pigments are placed at different skin levels too.


DAILY CARE · Scalp micropigmentation

Care before the treatment

  • Hydration of the scalp. When patient skin is dry, we advise our patients to hydrate their scalp before the first session is performed.
  • No alcohol or aspirin (salicylic acid) is allowed 24 hours before the procedure. And more generally, no vasodilator is allowed
  • No coffee, tea, Coca-Cola or any other caffeine drinks are allowed 24 hours before the procedure.

Care after the treatment

          • No direct sunlight or UV rays on the treated areas during a month after the procedure because the pigment could then change color.
          • Use a sunblock protection before being exposed to direct sunlight.
          • Only use gentle scrubs and creams. Do not rub or scratch the area.
          • Keep the area dry and avoid any possible sweating. No sporting activities are allowed during 5 days after the treatment.


PROCEDURE · Scalp micropigmentation

Final number of sessions differs from one patient to another and depend on factors like bleeding, scalp characteristics, extent of the alopecia…though, to get optimum results, 2 to 4 sessions are usually necessary.

  • Every session lasts a few hours.
  • A 7 day lapse of time is necessary between sessions.
  • It replicates the presence of real hair follicles and micro hair.
  • Detailed and exhaustive hair aspect is reproduced.
Micropigmentación capilar en Málaga

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