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Medical Treatments for Baldness

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Medical Treatments for Baldness

The most popular treatment options for baldness are those entailing some kind of surgery like the FUE or the FAS techniques among others.

More non-surgical alternatives are also available.

Many other non-surgical medical treatments and products can also be advised to treat baldness.

Professional assessment proves fundamental in those cases which is why our BHR Clinic Spain experts always recommend consulting a dermatology specialist first.

At our hair clinic located in Malaga (Spain), we have specialized in hair transplant techniques though there are other treatment options. We perform personalized checks and diagnosis to stop hair loss.

We also provide other medical treatments to our patients to:

  • Reduce the hair loss process
  • Stop hair loss
  • Help hair growth, even when hair follicles are still latent.

Hair growth is induced. Patients get thicker and rejuvenated hair.


We provide solutions to stop hair loss and treat permanent baldness

  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Mesotherapy with Dutasteride
  • Oral medication

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