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Hair Transplant

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We provide specialized and individualized hair transplant care. Our experts study your particular case and advise on the best hair transplant technique available in Málaga.

The main advantages of Hair Transplant over other techniques are:

During the past few years, hair transplant has changed from being considered an aggressive technique into a mini-invasive treatment. This is mainly due to the use of Follicular Units (FU) and to the natural-looking results obtained.

Hair Transplant Patients-to-be

Factors like age or baldness degree have little to do with the decision to have hair transplanted. Patients only need to decide when they want to follow their experts’ advice, after a diagnosis, treatment plan and possible results have been explained.

We use the most advanced technology
Our experts perform the latest hair transplant techniques
STRIP Technique vs. FUE Technique

Today, there are actually two different kinds of hair transplants possible: the strip technique and the FUE technique. The major difference between the FUE and the strip technique lies in the extraction method used to get the follicle units from the donor area. Sometimes, these two techniques can be combined to maximize the surface of the donor area and to provide patients with as much hair follicles units as possible.

Get a free night stay at the hospital for your hair implant procedure!

Our mission is to provide the most advanced techniques in hair transplant together with an artistic design and the best quality and care levels. We are happy to provide a complete service that will help your scalp get the most natural hair possible. Total transparency guaranteed. Your wellness is our priority.

Your Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplant

The most frequently asked questions by patients interested in hair transplant have to do with sports, sun exposure or summer activities on the beach or at the swimming-pool:


Avoid activities involving heavy lifting or intense physical activity during 14 days after your hair transplant.

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Sun exposure

Protect your scalp and avoid direct sun exposure during 30 days after the treatment. Save your scalp from sunburns during the following 6 months.

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At the beach and swimming pool

Wait 1 month at least before going to the beach or to the swimming pool. Always wear a hat.

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Feel free to be in touch with us for any information before, during and after your Hair Transplant treatment in Málaga.