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Hair fibers

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Hair fibers are anti-allergenic keratin micronized hair that are used to cover up the bald areas of the scalp.

They provide a naturally bonding effect between the hair fibers and help covering up baldness patches.

Fibras Capilares en Málaga
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Our hair fibers are made of vegetal origin Keratin fibers with a structure similar to that of human hair. These fibers bear some negative electrical charges while hair ones are charged with positive ones. This is why they attract each other and make a perfect bonding, giving top quality results and even using very little amounts of the products in each application.

Other cotton, wool or cellulose fibers are available on the market, though their results are less impressive, because they have the same electric charge as natural hair (both are positive). This is why they tend to repeal each other and fall off quite easily.

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These cotton or cellulose fibers are usually dyed and also tend to leave stains on the scalp after sweating or bathing. These can also lose color after being exposed to direct sun light and, sometimes, they obstruct hair follicles, provoking localized irritation and pimples.

Our fibers are dye-free and their natural color is maintained throughout the whole process.

This is why our fibers will never lose their color and will always look perfect, even at a short distance.

fibras capilares málaga
fibras capilares málaga
fibras capilares

How hair fibers work?

Our fibers attract natural hair because they have opposed electric charges. This is why they naturally bond with one another.

This permanent bonding is permanent and resists all kinds of external adverse factors like showers, sweat, light rain and regular sport activities…The results remain perfect all day long!

This attraction between the hair and the fibers has no effect on the scalp follicles and provides a very dense and even capillary aspect.

Our hair fibers can also be used to correct severe baldness.

Hair fibers application

Use on clean and dry hair to ensure a perfect bonding between the fibers and natural hair. Shake the keratin fibers product and apply over your scalp.

Hair fibers are easy to use and can be applied over the desired areas to cover up the bald patches.

Comb your hair or gently slide your hand through it to create even more electricity. You will then get a hair charged with perfect static electricity and volume.

These hair fibers can be used daily on different hair types –like natural, dyed, long, short, straight or curly hair- because they have no negative effects on the follicles.

Alopecia will remain totally covered in only a few seconds!

Give it a try with our hair fibers! Your best solution to cover up baldness!

Fibras capilares Málaga