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FUE Technique

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Hair Transplant Surgery – FUE Technique

“The most modern hair transplant technique. Mini-invasive. No sutures. No lineal scarring. This is the most popular technique of all”.

At BHR Clinic Spain, the most popular hair transplant technique of all is the FUE Technique. It is one of the most innovative and successful hair transplant techniques because it provides better results than other capillary treatments and surgeries. About 100% of our patients feel extremely satisfied by the results obtained.

This hair transplant technique is a very good option to treat alopecia. The hair graft performed using the FUE Technique is based on the extraction of bunches of follicular units (FUs) in a donor area. These are then transplanted into the receiving area affected by alopecia or baldness. The extraction is relatively slow and about 1000 to 1500 FUs   are extracted and transplanted in one day.

The FUE Technique leaves no scars in the donor area.
PRP Treatment is included
Highly effective: improves hair growth and thickness. Provides top-quality results.
Get this specific BHR Clinic service!Your assets to go for a FUE Technique
Your assets to go for a FUE Technique

FUE Hair Transplant Technique patients-to-be need to comply with these characteristics before they can go for the technique:

  • High hair density in the donor area.
  • No miniaturization in the donor area.
  • Stable alopecia.
  • Realistic Expectations.

This way for results

FUE 2200 FU – 12 months

Advantages · FUE Technique

Advantages · FUE Technique

  • The main advantage is due to the extracting method used in the donor area.
  • No visible scars. Patients can wear very short haircuts.
  • Hair thickness is increased
  • Quick recovery
  • Mini-invasive procedure
  • Reduced treatment duration
  • Less patient discomfort
  • Former hair transplant scars can be concealed
  • Brows, side whiskers, skull scars and beard can be covered.

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Differences · FUE vs STRIP

Differences · FUE vs STRIP

The main difference is that both techniques are used to treat different issues depending on patient’s characteristics and expectations.

  • The STRIP technique uses a hair bearing section while the FUE uses a bunch of previously selected follicular units.

With the FUE technique about 100% of the extracted follicular units are re-implanted while some follicular units are damaged during the STRIP technique,

  • The STRIP technique uses stitches and leaves a fine linear scar that is concealed when the hair grows.

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There is no perfect technique but rather different techniques that respond to different indications.
FUE Technique: results obtained

We provide the FUE Technique at our Málaga Hair Transplant Clinic. This Day Hospital surgery is performed under local anesthesia after a short preop. Patients go back to their normal daily activities after a few days. Read more on the FUE Technique in Málaga.

Final results are excellent and the hair cut really looks natural

This is a really secure surgery though patients also play their part during recovery and post-surgical care. All BHR CLINIC SPAIN are offered the possibility to be attended during the first week after their hair transplant to have their hair washed by professionals. All crusts formed during these days are scrubbed off and follicular units cared for.

Hair units are extracted from a donor area that is genetically resistant to alopecia