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Cookie Policy

Política de cookies

Cookies Policy

The present Cookies Policy stipulations are part of our website Privacy Policy available under the following dominion (the “Website”), and under the mobile application (“App”) or any other sub-dominions or web pages depending from the same.

As stipulated in our BHRCLINICSPAIN Privacy Policy and only after users’ express consent, we use cookies to obtain data from users’exploration of our webpage to provide the best possible access to our services and ease the use of both our Website and App. We use Cookies to get statistical data on users’ visits to our web and preferences. The technological means we use to do so entail scripts, tags, local storage, web beacon and the well-known “cookies”.

Definition of a “cookie”
Cookies are data files stored on Users’ devices (PC, Smartphone or Tablet) website browsers, or preset files in their operating systems to allow user authentication. Cookies enable website owners to get access to this information and use it for other purposes.

Cookies are usually used to control website navigation (number of visits and duration of these, their efficiency). Cookies are meant to improve the access to the websites. They do not contain any personal information whatsoever. However, these are often used to provide a more personalized experience to visitors of the website because their profiles or users’ preferences are registered by Cookies. Such information on users’ habits is likely to affect users’ privacy in some ways. This is the reason why BHRCLINICSPAIN S.L. wishes to fully inform its users as to the data used by the BHRCLINICSPAIN S.L cookies, for them to decide on their consent for their use.

On the reasons for using Cookies…
We use cookies to provide the best possible experience to our users and add functionality to our website.

All the necessary technological information is provided to users during their first access to our website, and we ask for their express consent to their use. We inform our users of the importance of Cookies to enable access to some of our services and web functionalities and advise our users about possible modifications of their browser configuration. When Cookies are deactivated due to Users’ denial, the route might adversely impact on the quality and rapidity of our service.

Users wishing to disable this technology, delete freely any cookies or avoid by all means cookies storage in their device, can do so and modify their browser configuration. Users can consult our “How to block Cookies Storage” section to get more detailed information on this process.

Cookie Types
We use the following types of Cookies in our Website:
• According to the ownership:
1. Own cookies: These are sent to Users’devices from the dominion managed by the very editor itself and directly linked to such dominion during the service to users.
2. Third Parties Cookies: These are sent to users’ devices from a dominion that is not managed by the editor. An external entity is in charge of data management obtained from Cookies.
• According to the duration of these cookies:
1. Session cookies: These are designed to collect and store data while using the website. Once off the page, session cookies are automatically disabled.
2. Persistent cookies: These are designed to store data on the device to be accessed and remembered in subsequent visits to the sites. Duration of these cookies settings vary from minutes to years and are established by their owners.
• According to their use:
1. Technical Cookies: They enable users’ navigation throughout the Website and use of its options and services.
2. Analysis Cookies: These allow cookies owners to determine the number of users, their connection time and get statistical data on their use of the services provided to improve their effectiveness.
3. Target or marketing Cookies: These are used to store information on users’ behavior that is obtained from the continuous analysis of their navigating habits.
How to block Cookie storage:
Users can block the storage of cookies in their devices by disabling the corresponding option in their browser configuration (under the help settings). When this is done, BHRCLINICSPAIN S.L. is no longer in a position to ensure the correct navigation on its Website.
Please find hereafter the links to different browsers to manage and block cookies in your devices:
Internet Explorer:
You may alternatively manage these cookies from other tools like:
Your online choices:

Amendments to our Cookies Policy
BHRCLINICSPAIN S.L. may need to update anytime its Website Cookies Policy to answer the stipulated by the legislation in force or to answer technical or service issues. This is why we highly recommend our users to review our policy settings every time they access our Website to ensure their full knowledge of our cookies usage and that of other technological means.