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The BHR Clinic Spain clinic has become a center of reference for capillary implants in Spain. Dr. Meyer and Dr. Alcaide, both hair solution specialists, provide a very individualized hair study and the best adapted treatment in your particular case. Choosing a hair transplant in Malaga is your best option ever.

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A complete personal check is performed during the first consultation to provide the best treatment option in every case.

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Hair Transplant Clinic

This modern hair transplant technique is less invasive than others. No stiches are needed so there is no scar after the treatment either. You get top results in no time.

The technique is used to correct skin defects like scars, burns and birthmarks. Results are incredibly natural. No surgery is needed.

This popular extracting method is used to get a strip of follicular units from a donor. These units are then separated and implanted one by one, providing a very dense and natural hair pattern.

The injection of Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) solutions is highly effective to treat hair-loss issues. Reduce your baldness and alopecia with the best techniques available.

These made to measure natural hair prosthesis are fixed to the scalp. The FAS technique is the best option for patients who are not eligible for hair transplant because of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

At our Hair Transplant Clinic, we use real Human Hair. This is an incredible option with quick and natural-looking results to cover up bald areas in no time. No surgery is needed either.

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injerto capilar Tecnica Tira
I am very happy about the results. Very professional people. Much better results than I expected. Very happy about my decision. No doubt. Would go for another surgery with Dr. Meyer and her team, if needed.
Jesús Julián
Hair Transplant – STRIP Technique
After reading lots of comments on the internet, after asking opinions and meeting people who had had hair transplant in different centers, I decided to trust Dr. Teresa Meyer from the BHR Clinic Spain (Malaga). The nice and close way she handled everything both in the theater and in her consultation. Very professional people. I like her professional way, her care and then after the first surgery I decided I would go for a second one to cover my crown. I once more decided to be treated by BHR Clinic Spain.
Hair Transplant – STRIP Technique
Very professional care and quality attention which surely helped me take my decision to finally be operated by Dr. Meyer. Very surprised by the exquisite attention of the staff and their professional care. Made me feel relaxed and good all way through. Today, I feel very positive about the whole thing.
BHR Clinic Spain patient
Hair Transplant – STRIP Technique

Hair Transplant
and Dermatology Specialists

Hair Transplant

The best reasons to get your hair transplant treatment. These are:

  • A long-lasting solution
  • Unnoticeable
  • Natural-looking

At the BHR Hair Transplant Clinic in Spain, we provide the latest hair transplant techniques: the FUE and STRIP techniques.

Alternatives to Hair Transplant

In some cases, hair transplant is impossible but other techniques can be used like:

  • The FAS Technique
  • Real Human Hair
  • Scalp Micropigmentación

These modern options are non-invasive and made with 100% natural hairs.

Medical Treatments

We provide non-surgical treatments to stop baldness and alopecia and use specific products to prevent hair-loss.

With our hair growth treatments your hair recovers its natural strength and elasticity in no time.

Our most efficient treatments: PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment) infiltration and Dutasteride Infiltration.


Certificate of Excellence


For our doctors, the most rewarding certificate of excellence is granted by our patients