Medical treatments

Medical treatments for alopecia and baldness

tratamientos medicos contra alopecia

Fight alopecia with our medical treatments!

Many non surgical treatments and medications are used as therapeutical means to slow down and stop hair loss, or even to encourage new hair growth in some cases where hair is still latent or in a catagen phase. These treatments can either be prescribed alone or combined with other therapies, like a hair restauration surgery for example, so as to provide the best and most natural results. The Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection is one of these most advanced treatments.

In Malaga, the hair implant BHR Clinic offers their patients with many hair medications and lotions apart from the surgical treatments. BHR Clinic wishes to warn their patients against possible deceipts while using products advertised on TV and magazines. Remember that the best advice about procedures or medical treatments to treat the alopecia is always given by a dermatologist.

tratamientos contra alopecia malaga
Alopecia and baldness

We help patients stop their hair loss and provide solutions to treat their alopecia permanently

  • Our specialists propose an individualized diagnostic
  • Thicker hair growing faster and younger than before with treatment and medical therapies.
  • Thanks to our specialists, hair loss can be stopped