Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment

Plasma Rico en Plaquetas

Fighting hair loss is now possible with our Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment!

The injection of a Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) solution is one of the most advanced techniques used by the Hair Unit, based in the Dr. Galvez Hospital in Malaga. It is very effective to treat hair weakening or loss in both men and women. To perform this new technique, Dr. Meyer and Dr. Alcaide use growth factors removed from blood cells of the patient.

Platelets cells contained in Platelet-rich Plasma, loaded with growth factors, are in charge of tissue regeneration.

This technique is used in traumatology, odontology or plastic surgery procedures among others.

Its use on tissues fosters both the creation of collagene and of new vascular vessels that are necessary to stimulate new hair growth.


The treatment restores all hair follicle activities, slows down hair loss and reverts hair thickness back to its normal levels. The number and the frequency of sessions vary in every case. PRP injections are particularly advisable for patients retaining some intact hair bulbs which will help revitalize patient’s hair. So, the sooner the better to get good results! This treatment is usually combined with the usual dermatological treatment undertaken by the patient.

1 session every month, during 3 months, to start with.

Real patients PRP Treatments

Casos Reales de Tratamientos PRP