Hair implants

Hair implants in Málaga

Get a free night stay at the hospital for your hair implant procedure!

Before you decide on your hair implants, our professionals will provide advice on the best hair implant technique in Malaga.

When compared to other alternative treatments, hair transplant proves a very good option because it:

  • Is a permanent solution
  • Is is unnoticeable
  • Looks natural

During the past few years, the idea of hair transplant as an agressive technique producing artificial results has been deterred thanks to the use of Follicular Units surgeries (FUs), performed with mini invasive techniques and very natural results.

There is no ideal moment, age or degree of alopecia, but rather a correct indication, based on the personal decision of a patient and our specialists will endeavour to advise on possible treatments, after an individualized diagnostic and evaluation have been performed.

Today, there are actually two different kinds of hair transplants possible: the strip technique and the FUE technique. The major difference between the FUE and the strip technique lies in the extraction method used to get the follicle units from the donor area. Sometimes, these two techniques can be combined to maximise the surface of the donor area and to provide patients with as much hair follicles units as possible.

Our mission is to provide the most advanced techniques in hair transplant together with an artistic design and the best quality and care levels. We are happy to provide a complete service that will help your scalp get the most natural hair possible. Total transparency guaranteed. Your wellness is our priority.

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