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The hair transplant technique is more commonly known as the strip (FUE) technique and is a quite traditionnal hair transplant method used during the past decades to transplant hair. A hair bearing strip is removed and then sectionned under microscope into Follicular Units providing a very good option for men suffering from advanced alopecia or looking for a maximum hair coverage.

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The strip technique involves the removal of a hair-bearing strip from the back and side of the head. The donor area is then sutured leaving a thin, almost invisible line surrounded by hair that will soon cover it all up thanks to the Tricophytic Closure performed by Dr. Meyer and Dr. Alcaide. Regarless of how good the closure will be, it has to be kept in mind that a fine scar line hidden within existing hair patterns will result from this surgery. After a strip technique implant has been performed, healing will also depend on every patient’s personal characteristics.

With a Trichophytic Closure, patients can wear short hairs and haircuts nearly as short as before surgery was performed

The main strip of hair is separated under a fibre optic microscope and this process is carried out very carefully and efficiently by a prepared 

team. Hair technicians divide all FUs and classify them into 1,2,3 or 4 hair unit groups. While technicians prepare the FUs, the surgeon is already preparing the incisions on the receiving site.


These cuts are not performed at random since they respect the natural design of every patient ‘s hair pattern. An irregular line is drawn on the frontal part of the head to provide a final natural look.

The strip technique is a proven and successfull method for extracting follicles in the right hands, though patients also are responsibles in some ways because they are in charge of the post-op care. Superficial healing is relatively quick and the scar hidden within surrounding hair. Suture will be removed after 10 days by professionals. Once the suture has been removed, the scalp will progressively get its normal pigmentation though it is quite normal for the process to take a few months.

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