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The FUE technique is quite different from the “strip technique” since it involves the individual extraction of bunches of FUs using a surgical punch of less than 1mm diameter, usually measuring between 0,75 and 0,80 mm. The surgical punch surrounds the FU so that all the parts of the follicule are completely removed from the scalp. The extraction is relatively slow, when compared to other methods like the “strip” technique, with 1000 to 1500 FUs being transplanted in one day.

Dr. Meyer, Dr. Alcaide and their colleague Dr. Bisanga firmly believe that the FUE technique is one of the best existing options to treat partial alopecias. They even advise this technique to be used to repair partial alopecias provoked by anterior surgeries or when the donor area has deteriorated, because the FUE technique allows to use larger donor areas than when other techniques are performed.

Advanced alopecias patients can also be treated with the FUE technique though their donor area needs to have higher hair density than the average and very good hair characteristics to ensure sufficient FU numbers will be disposable of if needed in the future.

To perform the FUE surgery, the donor area will have to be totally shaved as this will allow the surgeon to understand the hair position patterns and measure the angle of the FUs on the scalp. This is a very important part since it helps reduce the rate of follicule transections. Once the FUs have been removed with the punch, they are separated one by one.

Performing the FUE technique?

Doctors Meyer, Alcaide and Dr. Bisanga extract about 25 to 30% of available FUs per square centimeter, depending on the individual hair characteristics and density of every patient. For our hair transplant clinic, the BHR Clinic in Spain, it is very important to preserve the donor area since the FUE technique needs to remain a viable alternative. The extraction of a 25 to 30% of hair amount is a maximum recommended by surgeons though it will unlikely be performed during a sole procedure. When larger punchs are used, bald areas may appear or scarring may result more visible on the scalp.

Advantages of this technique

The FUE technique is very interesting because it is less invasive than other hair implant techniques. However and though its major advantage is that of no suture or no lineal scarring, it might prove disastrous when performed by unskilled professionnals and result in higher rates of follicle loss.

  • No visible scars. Patients can wear very short haircuts
  • No damage on nerves is entailed
  • This is a mini invasive technique, well supported by patients

Which option is best? The FUE or the FUT?

The FUE technique is not a better option than the “strip technique”. It simply has different indications and limitations. The training and information given to the patient about the advantages and the limitations of the FUE surgeries is important and the FUE technique has proven to provide very natural results when performed by well trained specialists.

Can the technique be used to treat any kind of alopecia?

It is untrue that this technique can be used to treat any kind of alopecia or any kind of hair density because some patients will simply not present the minimum and necessary characteristics to get a FUE technique surgery.

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