Hair implant on scars

Repairing imperfections is now possible at the BHR Clinic!

Sometimes the bald areas are due to old scars or traumas or even burns that have destroyed definitely the hair follicles, preventing thus any future hair growth in the area. The modern hair transplant techniques allow to implant, with maximum results, some new hair follicles in the affected area.

Patients receive detailed information on treatments in our consultations and, both the area to be restored and the donor area are examined by the specialist before a possible treatment or technique is offered.

Non aesthetic and visible scars deriving from previous procedures (like the remaining scars of a strip technique surgery) can be repaired quite satisfactorily.

Before the specialist can actually tell the patient whether he/she is eligible for a restauration of the area, some factors will need be considered like:

  • The scar width and amplitude
  • The scar localization as compared to the donor zone.
  • The elasticity of patient’s scalp
  • The density of FUs (Folliculair Units) in the area surrounding the scar.
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