Who we are


The BHR Clinic Spain hair transplant clinic in Malaga was created by Dr. Teresa Meyer Gonzalez, Dermatology specialist and Head of the Hair Transplant Unit and by Dr. Christian Bisanga, Medical Director of the BHR Clinic in Brussels.

Our misión is to provide the most updated hair transplant technology and aesthetic possibilites to our Malaga patients together with the best healthcare services. We endeavour to provide perfect and natural looks and the most individualized hair transplant techniques. At BHR clinic in Malaga, we care about our patients which is why we attend in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

We understand that chosing the right practitioner is only a first step on the way so we try to help patients have the most comfortable and relaxing experience at our Malaga hair transplant center. We have a long-lived medical and patient care experience, which is why we provide an individualized care to all our patients and endeavour to answer their doubts, either during a first or a second surgery.

  • We provide individualized care
  • Our team cares for your needs and demands
  • We use the latest techniques and equipments
  • Our surgeons are micro-hair transplant experts

Change your looks. Get your hair back.

We provide the latest hair implanting techniques to all our patients.

Our specialists
Our BHR Clinic Spain team has developped expertise in hair transplant during the past years.
Avant-garde Techniques

BHR Clinic Spain keeps innovating and improving existing hair treatments to provide their patients with the most updated and best hair transplant results.

We were actually the first ones to offer the Follicular Alternative System or FAS, a technique using a hair implant fixed to the scalp. It differs from wigs and from more conventionnal hair prosthesis because it is tailored to the needs of the patient and made of real human hair.

clinica trasplante capilar
Client satisfacción 95%
Technique used 90%
Final results 98%

We provide the latest techniques to get the best results.

The most innovative treatments for non elegible hair implant patients.

Today no in-patient stays are necessary when a hair transplant is performed.

Our services
  • Micro-hair transplant specialists
  • The FUE technique
  • The FAS technique
  • Non surgical treatments
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (PRP)
  • Hair implants on scars
  • We protect our patients’ identity.
  • Most advanced equipments
  • Individualized study
  • We guarantee the best results.