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FUE Technique

clinica trasplante capilar

The FUE technique is a very innovative treatment method provided in our BHR Clinic in Spain center. It is less invasive than other hair implant surgeries which means no stiches and no scar, though when performed by non experts a high number of hair follicles can be dammaged.

Strip Technique

Injerto pelo malaga

We perform the strip technique in our hair implant center. This technique has proved to provide very good results when extracting hair follicles. During the surgery, a hair bearing strip is removed and the follicles are separated using a microscope to get a very natural looking hair with maximum coverage.


clinica injerto pelo

Alopecia is a quite commun disorder that can be classified under various categories : either considering its origins and symptoms for example, but one of its most frequent forms is called androgenetic alopecia or common baldness. Get a hair transplant at our Malaga center.

FAS Technique

tecnica fas

These are implants fixed directly onto patients scalps. It is made of real human hair : tailor made for every patient with real natural hair implanted on a biopolymer basis simulating quite perfectly the natural colour or every patient scalp

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